01 to 03 dec 2023 — Odemira

Comer com os olhos

Giacomo Scalisi · Rosário Pinheiro · Afonso Cruz · Portugal
Culinary cine-theatre — M/16+

To walk, to feed, to swallow, to experiment and to plunge

After August, September came, symbolising energy, movement and activity. The programme we have planned for the rest of the year encourages us to act. We will walk, feed, swallow, experiment, and plunge through the art world. This will lead us to reflect and take action.

Walking between nature and knowledge. The “Caminhadas com Arte” (Walks with Art) will return next weekend with different topics, routes, paces, and starting points for diverse participants. Guest speakers João Ferrão, José Xavier, Maria Manuel Mota, Nuno Ribeiro and Teresa Castro will highlight shared global concerns, such as the climate emergency, as they walk through the landscapes of Odemira.

Food for thought. We'll discover a new "Paraíso" in Sabóia, Odemira, inspired by Madalena Victorino's idea that came out while preparing the "Águas Gémeas" colloquium. There will be three dinners that are also three unique shows. Each show will be linked to the next and surrounded by the energy of the Mira's River. The impression of how we live in a torrential zone will emerge from all of them.

Swallowing prejudices. Amarelo Silvestre will present “Engolir Sapos” (Swallowing Toads), a theatrical performance exploring biases and ceramic toads. The show reflects on the experiences of the gipsy community, a minority among majorities. Come and see it in Aljezur and Odemira.

Experiment with your imagination. We will relaunch the "LABAT - Training Activities between the Artistic Laboratory and the Artist's Studio" programme. These are spaces for hands-on creativity that invite people to immerse themselves in art and, at the same time, support the research of the invited artists. Inês Barahona and Miguel Fragata and the choreographer Rafael Alvarez will provide a range of more or less visible activities.

Finally, in Monchique, plunge yourself in a futuristic tent that is both a work of art and a place for juggling. The French company EA EO will present "Les Fauves", which means "wild animals" in English. Plunge yourself as the year ends and emerge as a new one begins.

Look at the entire programme on our website and book your tickets well in advance. Be sure to follow us at all our shows and events and on our social media platforms.