23 · 24 · 28 · 29 · 30 · 31 mar 2024 — Portimão Riverside Area (Old Lota)


José Antonio Portillo — Spain
Theatre · Installation — M/6+

Listen with your eyes. See, touch, reflect, experiment. This object is a gateway to generating individual, spiritual and imaginative experiences. A mysterious mobile library with a circular wooden structure holds unpublished manuscripts, texts that have never been published, scores, drawings, objects found in the rubbish, and cylinders with messages made of ropes and knots. Created by José Antonio Portillo from school and community work, this installation performance has travelled to different cities in Spain and Europe over the last twenty years and has arrived in Portimão.

/ technical and artistic credits

/Authorship, narrator/conductor José Antonio Portillo   /With artistic participation Matilde Real e Rita Rodrigues   /Scenography and objects José Antonio Portillo   /Construction of the scenography Theater Hetpalais d’Anvers (Bélgica)   /Executive production Unnica Arts   /Music SordoMondo (Nuria Aparici, Joaquín Pinilla and Jorge Aparici)   /Lights Xavi Prieto  

/With the support Centre for Pedagogy and Animation, Centro Cultural de Belém and the Theater Hetpalais d'Anvers (Belgium)

This performance is presented as part of the artistic programme Lavrar o Mar - Cooperativa Cultural created to celebrate the Centenary of Portimão's Elevation to City Status (1924-2024) under a partnership established with the Municipality.

Portimão – Portimão Riverside Area (Old Lota)
23 · 24 · 28 · 29 · 30 · 31 mar 2024 (sat, sun, thu, fri, sat & sun) – 5:00 pm (geral public)
Running time
60 min approx.
Age Rating
5€ Adult price
3€ Children price aged 6 to 12

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