03 may 2024 — Portimão Riverside Area (Clube Naval)


Cirque Inextremiste — France
New Circus · Street Theatre — M/3+

As part of the artistic programme created by Lavrar o Mar - Cooperativa Cultural to celebrate the centenary of Portimão's municipal status (1924-2024), in partnership with Portimão Council, the French company Cirque Inextremiste arrives in Portimão with its hot-air balloon to transform the town's sky into an unusual scenographic universe, where the aerial acrobatics of the artists live alongside the stars.

The audience immerse themselves, body and soul, in an open-air theatre. A group of sweet lunatics is determined to transform ballooning into an amusement park. They are determined to fulfil a single mission: to break out of their straitjackets and escape, at all costs, from a world governed by rigid and implacable rules in a crescendo towards freedom.

EXIT is an emancipation of the spirit, a powerful, luminous and unifying artistic breath, a demonstration of the porous border between art and madness

/ technical and artistic credits

/Artistic Director Yann Ecauvre  

/Interpretation Yann Ecauvre pilot, Solenne Capmas, Julie Delaire singers/musicians, Serge Lazar acrobat, Julien Favreuille acrobat/musician, Laurent Mollon acrobat/pilot, Etienne Cordeau e Nicolas Pouchard acrobat, Delphine Dupin acrobat  

/Costume designer Solenne Capmas   /Technical director Bastien Roussel   /Lights and effects Jacques Bouault and Jacques-Benoît Dardant   / Hot air balloon design Bérengère Giaux produced by Cirque Inextremiste

This performance is presented as part of the artistic programme Lavrar o Mar - Cooperativa Cultural created to celebrate the Centenary of Portimão's Elevation to City Status (1924-2024) under a partnership established with the Municipality.

Portimão – Portimão Riverside Area (Clube Naval)
03 may 2024 (fri) – 9:00 pm
Running time
45 min approx.
Age Rating
Free Entrance