28 may and 11 jun — Aljezur · Monchique

Caminhadas com Arte #4

Various speakers and paths — PT · EN
Talks in Nature — M/16+

Caminhadas com Arte is a programme of hiking through the landscapes of Aljezur and the interior of the Monchique highlands, in which we invite specialists from different areas to walk and share knowledge with their audience. The personalities we invite to be our walking speakers all have an involving relationship with their work and think it is important to communicate what they do and research. They believe that this communication could add something to what is happening in the world today.

These are walks to listen, to reflect and to breathe and immerse yourself in the magnificent nature of this southwest Algarve and through the mountains of Monchique.

28 May ~ Aljezur
There will be five walks dedicated to confronting and problematizing the great issue of climate. Three walks will be guided by pairs in which we bring together two specialists who, despite working and delving into the same subject, do so in very different ways. These will be walks full of dynamics and different points of view that converge in the same place. The climate emergency will be at the center of the other two walks in which two solo speakers will talk to us about the local biology and the dangers it faces and the immeasurable value of trees.

11 June ~ Monchique
There will be five walks, each with a speaker from a different area, ranging from Anthropology to War Reporting, from Dance to Cultural Policies. Each walk will have a specialist who will lead the public to approach these areas based on ethical, aesthetic and human ecology concerns.

28 may (sun) – 10:00am
11 jun (sun) – 10:00am
Running Time
4 h 00 aprox.
Age Rating
10€ Single Price

Ticket Office
Each person must, when booking their ticket, choose the speaker/path they want to take, taking into account the particularities of each one (theme, difficulty level, distance).
Purchase tickets also at
Aljezur – Casa Lavrar o Mar – Rua João Dias Mendes, 46

/ Aljezur Walks  28 may (sun) ~ 10:00am

Portuguese Talks

Ana Carla Cabrita nature guide
+ Nídia Barata animal caregiver


Jack Golds farmer, beekeeper, reforestation
+ Nuno Carvalho environmental engineer


Nuno Ribeiro teacher, researcher, ecologist


Paula Canha biologist

English Talks

Astrid Blum geologist
+ Axel Bamberger ecologist

Axel and Astrid made the move to Aljezur 14 years ago with the vision of establishing CERES, which stands for the Centre for Education, Recreation, and Environmental Sustainability. Prior to this, they both did their PhDs in the UK and were employed at Combined Universities in Cornwall - Astrid is a geologist with specialisation in fluvial sedimentology and coastal geomorphology. Axel is an ecologist and was Head of Department for Marine Sciences and Ecology.

In addition to organizing field courses for universities, a primary focus of CERES is to train university lecturers and to rekindle the passion for field work. The organization has also partnered with various EU-funded projects. As founding members of the Rewilding Sudoeste association, Axel and Astrid work closely with local partners on environmental issues.

Embark with us on a journey through an array of habitats and environments, each with its own unique richness and beauty, as well as environmental challenges that accompany the ever-changing world we live in. We aim to provide insight into the perspectives of an ecologist and a geologist, as we work together with you to devise innovative, localized solutions to some of the most pressing global issues, including climate change, water scarcity, biodiversity loss, resource use and invasive species.

Throughout the walk, we will delve into topics such as eucalyptus and pine plantations, the challenges posed by an increasing number of camper vans, river restoration projects, cliff erosion, sustainable building practise and many other subjects that may arise during the walk. We believe that this immersive experience will broaden our understanding of the complex ecological and geological systems at work and equip us with the knowledge necessary to tackle environmental challenges in a more informed and strategic manner.

/distance 6km
/difficulty level Hike accessible to occasional hikers
/meeting point Next to the N268 at the entrance to Pinhal do Bordalete (between the villages of Bordeira and Carrapateira) (GPS Coordinates: 37.203697, -8.881067)

/ Monchique Walks  11 jun (sun) ~ 10:00am

Portuguese Talks

Cândida Pinto reporting journalist


Clara Andermatt dancer, choreographer


Miguel Honrado manager, specialist in cultural policy


Miguel Vale de Almeira anthropologist, specialist in gender matters


Pedro Prista anthropologist