22 jun to 21 jul 2024 — Parque Industrial da Feiteirinha · Aljezur

Straw Theatre

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Straw Theatre

The Teatro de Palha rises once again as a place of resistance, freedom, humanity, and happiness. It brings with it a national and international artistic programme that, although presented and enjoyed in the relaxed and poetic atmosphere of a vast house bathed in sunlight and a dark sky full of stars, will not fail to remind us of the emergencies that plague the world and our human condition, and which it is imperative to keep present in our thoughts and actions.

From France, the new circus company Les Filles du Renard Pâle brings a metaphor for life in the form of a funambulant crossing. On the other hand, the Belgian company Tof Théâtre offers a programme of short object and puppet theatre pieces that celebrate the vitality of old age..

Reflecting the current times, the Teatro de Palha hosts Portuguese theatre companies Formiga Atómica and Hotel Europa, which present performances addressing the climate crisis. We also welcome the new creation from the partnership between Companhia Clara Andermatt and INAC—Instituto Nacional das Artes do Circo, a unique blend of new circus, dance, and the aesthetics of silent cinema.

The new circus, theatre and dance will be accompanied by music. Club Makumba bring their latest work to the Teatro de Palha, a fusion journey through the sounds of the Mediterranean and imagined Africa. We'll also be joined by DJ Marco Bocci, who will be at the Teatro de Palha every night, and a double dose of Brazilian rhythms from the Aljezur band Yemadas Quarteto.

The cinema also returns. Curated by Candela Varas, director of the Cineclube de Tavira, this year's cycle includes six exceptional international films that deal with the climate emergency, feminism, gender issues, and humanity's survival. Once again, we will be immersed in the photographs of João Mariano, who, above all, challenges us to be aware of what we don't see.

For this third edition, the Straw Theatre has once again been built with the collaboration of a group of local farmers. The mastery of Pedro Quintela, a landscape architect who has designed and conceived a new volume, this time inspired by the dynamic environment of a beach estuary, ensuring that the venue is not just a space, but an experience.

Madalena and Giacomo, Lavrar o Mar

TEATRO DE PALHA is open every day of the week between 10.30am and 6pm.
We'll always have a member of our team on hand to show you around!

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THE PROJECT, Straw Theatre 2024

Pedro Quintela · Conception and Design of the Straw Theatre

Coração ao ritmo da terra

CANDELA VARAS · Cinema Curatorship

23 JUN to 18 JUL 2024

Menos que nada não é igual a tudo

JOÃO MARIANO · Photography Exhibition

22 JUN to 21 JUL 2024



22 JUN to 21 JUL 2024


New Circus

22 JUN 2024

Yemadas Quarteto

Music · Concert

23 JUN 2024

Evil does not exist
O mal não está aqui


23 JUN 2024

Terminal (O estado do mundo)


28 · 29 JUN 2024

A flor do Buriti


30 JUN 2024

Urgência Climática


5 · 6 JUL 2024

Céu em chamas


7 JUL 2024

20.000 Espécies de Abelhas


10 JUL 2024


Dance · New Circus

12 · 13 JUL 2024

O rapaz e a garça


14 JUL 2024

Yemadas Quarteto

Music · Concert

17 JUL 2024

A Irmandade da Sauna


18 JUL 2024

Melting Tof

Theatre of Objects

19 · 20 JUL 2024

Club Makumba

Music · Concert

21 JUL 2024