23 jun 2024 — Casa do Povo de Santa Clara-a-Velha · Odemira

O Caminho para "Terminal (O Estado do Mundo)" – Regresso ao Futuro

Formiga Atómica · Portugal
Video · Conversation · Snacks — M/6+

The Formiga Atómica theatre company returns to Odemira to show the mini-documentary video with António Perpéto from Santa Clara-a-Velha. António tells us about his grandparents' hill, which was flooded by the construction of the Santa Clara dam, and takes us to a place that doesn't exist but is evoked through the emotional memories of his childhood.

In addition to screening this mini-documentary, this session — which concludes the artistic residency developed by Formiga Atómica in Aljezur, Odemira, and Monchique in 2023 — will also include a discussion with the audience about the climate emergency we are facing and a snack to be shared.

The testimony of António Perpéto, from Santa Clara-a-Velha, is part of a more extensive collection of short documentary videos, a collection of disappeared places entitled 'Back to the Future', which shows the marks of time and the effects of climate change on the landscape and the construction of places.

“Regresso ao Futuro”, directed by JUNO, was one of the activities on the way to 'Terminal (The State of the World)', an extensive research process by Formiga Atómica that has toured Portugal over the past year, including Aljezur, Odemira and Monchique, and which preceded the creation of the show 'Terminal (The State of the World)', which will be presented on 28th and 29th June at 9.30pm as part of the programme at the Teatro de Palha, Zona Industrial da Feiteirinha. Everyone is invited to attend, especially those who have inspired this new play.

/ artistic and technical credits

/Directed by JUNO   /Music Hélder Gonçalves   /Sound mixing Nelson Carvalho   /Project conception and direction Inês Barahona e Miguel Fragata   /Executive producer Luna Rebelo e Sofia Bernardo   /Production and mediation assistant Beatriz Brito   /Production Formiga Atómica

/Co-production Arquipélago – Centro de Artes Contemporâneas, Centro Cultural do Cartaxo, Cine-Teatro São Pedro de Alcanena, Comédias do Minho, Companhia Mascarenhas-Martins, Lavrar o Mar, Município de Mértola, Município de Setúbal, Teatro Municipal de Ourém, Teatro Nacional Dona Maria II em parceria com a Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, Teatro Nacional São João, Teatro Virgínia, Teatro Viriato, Trigo Limpo teatro ACERT, Théâtre du Point du Jour, Festival d'Avignon

Odemira – Casa do Povo de Santa Clara-a-Velha
24 jun 2024 (mon) – 07:30 pm
Running Time
1h30 aprox.
Age Rating
Free Entrance